Dangerous Chemical Info


So we're all used to that lipstick. The one that glides on effortlessly giving us instantly silky, smooth, rich moisture...or at least that's what the ad says. But do you know where all that glide and silky smoothness is coming from? Silicone.

Silicone, also known as feel modifiers, is a petroleum-derived chemical ingredient that's used mostly in cosmetic products and leave-on skin care and hair care products. The fluid properties of silicone give it a great deal of slip, thus the glide on your lips, and in its various forms it can feel like silk on the skin. All sounds appealing until you really know the downside to having silicone in your lipstick. One, it's a petroleum by-product which means it comes from the same stuff that runs your car, and two, it's like applying a layer of plastic on your lips suffocating them and not allowing your lips to breathe. No bueno.

Good thing Human Nature's  Hydrating Mineral Lipstick is 100% natural. Guaranteed to have none of the yucky stuff! Only 100% goodness made from the best nature has to offer. So, if you still want that slide and glide but don't want to deal with silicone, just swipe on some of our lip balm before applying your lipstick and smile knowing that, at least there aren't any chemicals in this. Trust us, your lips will love you for it! 


Ladies, listen up! If there’s one thing you need to take out of your make-up kit and dresser RIGHT NOW, it’s that pressed and loose powder of yours. I’m sure you use it every day and it’s that one thing you ALWAYS have to have to combat that oily forehead and shiny nose BUT did you know that it contains a nasty ingredient called talc? Talc is found in many products such as baby powders, pressed powder, eyeshadow, foundation, deodorant and some soap. It is closely associated with asbestos and has been found to be carcinogenic.

Talc has been associated with lung cancer due to frequent inhalation. Every time you dust your face with loose powder, you are putting not only you, but the people around you in danger and increasing the risk of inhaling this harmful ingredient. Because talc particles are so tiny, they can easily enter the lung and cause inflammatory reaction thus causing pneumonia, lung disease or cancer. More acknowledgment of talc's dangers emerged, even from the cosmetics industry. The president of the industry's Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association, Edward Kavanaugh, conceded in 2002 that talc is toxic and "can reach the human ovaries."

Love Minerals by Human Nature is a line of mineral make-up that is guaranteed to contain only the good. Instead of the toxic talc, mica is used. Love Minerals also contains rice powder to help improve skin texture as it nourishes and naturally mattifies the skin. It has good skin-adhering properties without clogging the pores giving you a clean, fresh look. Next, it includes rice bran oil (RBO) which contains high levels of Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant that not only nourishes the skin but also helps prevent premature skin ageing. RBO also naturally contains squalene, an agent known to also promote collagen production and help delay the ageing process. Together, RBO and rice powder are centuries-old beauty secrets of Asian women known to possess beautiful, youthful skin.

Chuck away your talc-filled make-up and shift to 100% natural Love Minerals mineral pressed powder foundation and mineral blush. Because Love Minerals gives you... only the good.

Mineral Oil

Most cosmetics manufacturers use mineral oil as a cheap moisturizer due to its low price and ubiquitous supply and it is widely believed to lock in moisture. It is not widely-known though, that it also has negative side effects and that it is a by-product of petroleum.

Found in Lotions, lip balms, lipsticks and anything that moisturizes. In fact, anything ending in "-ONE" like silicone, dimethicone are all petroleum by-products.

Recent studies have shown that mineral oil may cause serious health risks. Apart from clogging pores and causing allergies, John Hopkins University has even named mineral oil as the number two cause of ageing, next to sun exposure. The U.S. Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances has classified mineral oil as both carcinogenic and tumorigenic.

Luckily, natural emollients are available instead and Human Nature proudly uses them for our Lip Balm. Say goodbye to rough, peeling and dry lips; thanks to castor seed oil and sunflower oil! What’s more, Human Nature Lip Balms are free from mineral oil, triclosan, parabens, parfum and propylene glycol.

Start spreading the word – inform your friends and customers about the dangers of cheap chemicals and ask them to check the labels of the products they currently use.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) / Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) / Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are cheap, chemical surfactants commonly used in personal care products for their foaming and cleansing properties. Unfortunately, the feel-good feeling you get from the suds and bubbles leave your body with not-so-good harmful and even toxic effects.

SLS/SLES is a surfactant; a foaming agent used to bring dirt to the surface. It's responsible for all the suds that we associate with cleanliness. We automatically think, the more bubbly the product is, the cleaner we are. Unfortunately, the feel-good feeling you get from the suds leaves your body with not-so-good harmful and even toxic effects.

SLS strips off your skin's natural moisture barrier, irritating skin and leaving it rough and dry. SLS is also absorbed into the body and is known to mimic the hormone estrogen potentially posing health risks such as PMS and menopausal symptoms, dropping male fertility, and even increase in breast cancer. SLES on the other hand is the alcohol form of SLS. While it may be slightly less irritating, it may also pose dangers as it cannot be metabolized by the liver, making the side effects much longer lasting. Tests have also shown that SLS/SLES can cause hair to become weak and brittle, leading to hair loss.

The products we use every day to "get clean" may hurt us in the long run. And just because a product is labeled "natural" doesn't mean it is free from Triclosan, SLS or SLES.

In fact, a report published in the Journal of The American College of Toxicology stated that SLES could cause irritation in concentrations as low as 0.5%. Many formulations contain more than 10%. SLES is the alcohol form of SLS. While it may be slightly less irritating, it may also pose more danger as it cannot be metabolized by the liver, making the side effects much longer lasting.

Many studies have indicated the various long-term effects of these surfactants. SLS not only can penetrate the skin but can also be retained in the eye, brain, and heart.

In feminine wash, SLS/SLES can seriously interfere with the natural vaginal flora, causing irritation, imbalances and damaging your vagina’s ability to cleanse itself. Yet it is extremely cheap and so many manufacturers choose to use it, despite these negative side effects. 

Aluminum Salts

Body odor is primarily caused by odor-causing bacteria interacting with the body’s sweat. Conventional deodorant brands solve the problem of body odor simply by preventing you from perspiring with the use of aluminum salts. These salts dissolve in sweat and temporarily inhibit perspiration leaving your underarms dry. Unfortunately, these aluminum salts that keep you dry also have serious side effects when absorbed into the skin. Studies have shown that as aluminum salts temporarily close the pores and trap in toxins in the body, they also cause problems in the sweat glands and lymph glands in the underarm area. In fact, aluminum salts have been linked to breast cancer, reproductive system toxicity and neurotoxicity.

You don’t have to worry though because Human Nature now offers a natural alternative to combat body odor without trapping in toxins and clogging pores! Together with a host of other natural anti-bacterial ingredients, our Human Nature All-Natural Deodorant also contains Chitosan, a wonder of the sea that’s 100% naturally derived from the shells of sea crustaceans. Chitosan has been clinically proven as an anti-microbial whilst also being an excellent skin moisturizer. As the active ingredient in Human Nature All-Natural Deodorant, Chitosan attacks odor-causing bacteria thus preventing body odor. Plus, zero alcohol in your deodorant means you can enjoy deodorant protection minus the dark pits! So don’t be shy, put your hands up in the air because this is something worth celebrating!

Common Concerns in Hair and Scalp Care

Have you ever wondered why at the young age of 23 you’re already losing your hair? Or why your scalp is so darn itchy? It does not mean you are old or have lice. It can be due to just one simple thing: chemical build up. Well actually, not so simple.

You see, there are many chemicals in our shampoos that are harmful and dangerous. Let’s take for example the most common ingredients found – ALS (Ammonium lauryl sulphate) and SLS (Sodium lauryl sulphate). Both ingredients are absorbed by the skin and can have highly damaging effects. These range from lack of hair growth to cataracts and according to studies, they are even carcinogens.

Another culprit for one of your common scalp problems is parabens. Parabens are synthetic chemicals used to extend the shelf life of products and can cause skin irritation including dermatitis, which leads to either hair loss or dandruff, and allergic reactions. Lauramide DEA, a product used to create more lather in soaps, has also been found to cause cancer and dries the skin and hair.

Have you heard enough? These are only a FEW of the chemicals found in shampoos and conditioners. So, they may cause your hair to smell lovely and feel smooth to the touch, but they can also be extremely dangerous to your health. Did you have a look at the current shampoo you're using? Recognize any of these chemicals?