Human Heart Nature

Hydrating Facial Wash
my fren back fr maternity oso noticed my face brighter oredi... 

* * * * * * * * * * * *Human Heart Nature - Sunflower Beauty Oil 50ml
I alternate its usage as moisturiser with emu oil. So I’d do a comparison after its individual review.
The bottle is simple yet convenient. Dispense easily enough without spilling. I honestly appreciate its affordable price for such versatile product. It’s good as a moisturiser, easily spread and readily absorbed plus won’t leave skin oily. I don’t have breakouts as often during that time of the month.
Since it doesn’t have a very noticeable scent, occasionally I use it as hair care product too. I apply on hair ends and happy to see they’re moisturised. Better than those leave-on conditioners I used before. I only need 2-3 drops of this oil. A little goes a long way!
As a makeup remover, it doesn’t work as well as the conventional ones. Took quite a while to remove lip stain and my waterproof + smudge-proof gel eyeliner. Even then, it wasn’t completely removed. Granted, for light makeup, it should work fine.
Now I use eye makeup remover, then I’d spray some oil on cotton pads and wipe off the other makeup until the pads appear clean before I wash any residue off with any of the organic soaps (I normally use Cyleina Black Pearl/Camaru Bamboo Charcoal). Then I tone and apply the sunflower oil again. I find this combination works well, if you don’t mind the extra work.
For experiment purpose, I pumped a few into the bath tub and soaked for quite some time. Afterwards, my skin was so soft and smooth. My hair was soaked as well and I found myself skipping the usual hair mask/treatment.
For comparison between emu oil and sunflower oil:
Emu oil derives from animal fat. Not many people appreciate this fact. Sunflower oil is suitable for those against using animal-derived ingredients in skincare/cosmetic industry. Secondly, emu oil is thicker in consistency and will form lumps in the bottle while sunflower oil doesn’t have such issue. And emu oil has a scent. Months of using it still get me no way in accepting its scent. Sunflower oil’s scent is very mild that I hardly notice it. Emu oil can remove heavier makeup compared to sunflower oil. Price-wise, emu oil is more expensive than sunflower oil.
Will I repurchase? A definite yes though I haven’t prove all the claims are true. It’s because I always welcome a multifunctional product. To me it is a more-affordable alternative to emu oil.

Human Heart Nature - Body Butter Goat's Milk & Cocoa (mango) 100g
I know many people think tubs are so unhygienic. Normally I transfer a small quantity to another smaller container and finish it before ‘refill’.
Admittedly I bought this to see if it can replace a mango-scented favourite body cream of mine. The first thing I did is to take a sniff at it… and oh goody, it’s full of ripe mangos! So different from my favourite body cream… and not quite unpleasant. I’m like applying ripe mango purée on my body. I think some people can’t accept this. But the smell doesn’t linger for long, so I don’t see it as a major problem for me.
Consistency wise, it’s kinda thick but not very hard to spread and absorbed. Definitely a plus-point pamper after shower. Makes skin all smooth and soft. It’s nice to get that silky feel before you tug in and sleep. I find it enough moisturising for my skin type. I finished a 100g tub in less than 2 months.
Will I repurchase? Yes. If I don’t have a favourite body lotion, I’d opt for this body butter.

Human Heart Nature - Tinted Lip Balm (Pink Orkid)
I’m very particular with lips cosmetics or skincare because it may find its way into our digestive system. Usually I wipe off any lips products before meal. I think if it’s natural, then it’d be safe enough if we accidentally swallow them.
This product contains mica, and thus, it gives a glossy effect on lips. Some people may be allergic to mica, so do product testing first.
HHN tinted lip balm has a mild scent, but I still find it more appealing if it doesn’t have any. The pink orkid colour looks dark in the tube, something that shocked me at first. But when applied, the colour is just a hint and gives a natural look. Can apply a few layers to build a darker pink. Very nice for daily use, especially those with pale lips.
It glides easily and leaves a very slight tingling feel on lips. It’s not very sturdy and doesn’t give a waxy feel. I hardly feel anything when I apply it. As it’d leave stains on cups/straws, I tend to wipe it off before I drink/eat.Not as moisturising as I hope it is. I’d try the normal lip balm as comparison next.
Will I repurchase? Yes, to try other shades.

Human Heart Nature - Balancing Toner 100ml
Smells orangey and… something else (unsure how elemi smells like). At least the scent is mild and I find myself adapting to it after a few weeks. It says to shake well before use. The bottle cap doesn’t spill easily, which is a good thing.
Doesn’t sting popped acnes. Absorbs well by my skin. No tight feeling. About its cleansing power… not bad though not those ‘deep cleansing’ type. Some people argue toners are used for pH balancing and not cleansing. Well, it doesn’t bother me as long as it delivers what it promises.
I have used this toner as a DIY mask and found the experience rather pleasant.
Will I repurchase? A simple yes will do. :)

Human Heart Nature - Juicy Burst Spray Sanitiser 50ml
Smells so juicy and fruity, which lingers for a while. Comes in a handy bottle which is just nice for travelling. As it claims, it doesn’t dry my hands. It can be used as an air freshener since the scent is just nice.
I don’t know just how well it kills germs although it claims to kill 99.99% of the germs. But I have a peace of mind seeing this is 100% natural.
Will I repurchase? Oh yes. Will even buy the bigger size. Or try the other variants.

Human Heart Nature - Purifying Facial Scrub 50ml
Frankly, I don’t fancy the scent (but my guy says it’s nice so it’s very subjective). It smells like strawberry syrup, albeit it’s mild. But, apart from that, I absolutely have no complaints about this scrub. It’s creamy (but has enough beads) and easy to spread. It is gentle on skin yet does its exfoliating job perfectly. It doesn’t sting and leaves my skin so smooth and soft. It doesn’t cause any rash to my sensitive skin either.
I notice minimised pores, so I tried on my guy. And his open pores shrank, too. What’s good is after he used it, the next day he woke up with a less shiny face. I was so amazed.
Will I repurchase? Yes. I hope they list this product as permanent stuff. :)
Summary on Human Heart Nature
I’m very pleased with this brand. Their prices are at a fraction of those high ended market products yet they produce results that I want. Now if only they can stop phrasing out products, that would be good since many consumers are loyal to some products that are going to be discontinued.
~Rei Chong

* * * * * * * * * * * *
received the shampoo &conditioner already, used it and love it! 
~R. W.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
hi dear..
i already receive the lipsticks n lip gloss yesterday..love it so much..the color was beautiful..do you have any other color in stock right now..i would like to try other color..how about their lip tint..looks like pretty to..tq..
the lipstick make my lip moist n less craking..when other color will arrive?.. 

I like the tinted lipbalm...keep my lip moisturize and also look natural pink. Love it...maybe will buy the coral one next time :)

Camaru Natural Soaps

Camaru Bamboo Charcoal
After about 2 months using this camaru charcoal bamboo soap, i found that the acne was disappear about 80-90%. all left now is only few fade scars. my skin feel soft and smoother than before..the smell wasn't too strong, just okay..i really like and happy with my smooth skin now and will definitely continue using this soap..and hopefully i can promote this soap to my friends especially those who has acne problem.. :)
~Nurul M. 

Camaru Bamboo Charcoal (1/2 of original size, 67.5g)

Seemingly their best seller for problem skin. This is the last soap I have now. I really enjoy using it as my facial wash. The bamboo charcoal scent is very pleasant… it has hint of floral scent. This soap is easy to lather and makes grayish foam. It doesn’t sting my face.

I use this with a witch hazel toner and emu oil. And the result is great in acne prevention. The only thing is it melts easily and sticks to my soap container. I haven’t known how long this soap can last me since I am still using it.

Will I buy the full sized? When I finish this and I can’t find a better soap, then yes I will.


Acerola White C
It smells so nice and great lather....and feel really clean too. Will see how it works on whitening part.

Cyleina Organic Soaps

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Hi !! I already start using the soap since i bought it from u until now..i like this soap u know hihi ! it suits my skin well...especially the black pearl soap..so refreshing n cool :) n it slowly lighten dark spot caused by pimples..actually my skin is sensitive n this soap can interract with it ..usually when using other cleanser,my face become itchy n redness..i can see the different..but i like the tomato n rice bran too bcoz it can remove the dead skin..so amazing oo.. i will contact u soon if my soap need to be top-up.. thanks Ally
* * * * * * * * * * * *
I have tried rice bran soap. It's quite good coz my body itch was stop. The only thing is no fragrant smell but have a bit of coconut oil smell. I am loving this skin-loving soaps! Will definitely recommend to my family and friends! Thanks.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
hi there...
i just want to let you know that I’ve been using the rice bran for more than a week. And I love it as it makes my skin smooth and supple. I even wash my face using that soap. Amazing that it suits my skin. My family loves one of the samples you have given me. The orange color one. Wonder what name is that soap as i am looking forward to get one for my family.

thanks...and yes.. Happy Soaping!

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Rice Bran smells so nice…not too strong. It lathers well and easy to rinse off. It really different with the ordinary soap I used before. Well, it’s a good soap!

~m. yun
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Just wanted to inform you that I got my soaps today, I used it and my face was oil-free for 8 hours i think! and later come home to wash face there was absolutely no dirt or oil on my face! AMAZING! love your soaps, will definitely order more from you once I finish them :)

thank you!

~mikhaila :)
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Cyleina Strawberry (1/3 of original size, 40g)
Exfoliating and whitening. I like the faint strawberry scent. The poppy seeds look so cute in this pink soap. I wish it has more poppy seeds because the current number is insufficient as scrub. Lathers easily, but not as much as Papaya Goat’s Milk. Still, it’s nice for body wash. Also good for a relaxing bath.

I noticed there was micro-peeling effect on my arms after the skin was dried. So I had to put lotion. This quarter bar lasted for 25 days so I estimate a whole bar can last for 2 months and a half. By the way, this soap melts as easy as Rice Bran.

Will I buy the full sized? Not really fond of micro peeling effect, so probably not.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Cyleina Lavender (1/3 of original size, 40g)
Moisturising and relaxing soap. Smells faintly of lavender and it is as sudsy as the Papaya Goat’s Milk. Definitely a nice way to pamper our bodies and get relaxed. Compared to other Cyleina soaps, it’s no wonder this soap doesn’t stand out since most people would choose soaps that have other functions (ie acne drying, exfoliating, etc). But it’s still a very enjoyable experience using it.
If you ask me, I’d say it makes fair laundry soap for those who want to avoid harsh detergents. Like, washing handkerchief or face towel, I guess. Since the lavender scent will linger for a while, it’d be a plus point too. I missed its records so I estimated it lasted around a month.
By the way, I left this soap on the basin… and the next day I found ants on it. Lol.
Will I buy the full sized? Probably not, since the other soaps are in queue.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Cyleina Rice Bran (1/3 of original size, 40g)
Exfoliating and for acnes. I only use this soap on alternated days even as a body soap. It has a mild sweet smell (brown sugar) which lingers for a while. Lathers easily. After rinsing, the skin feels so soft. It is not as lasting as other soaps since it melts easily.
No micro peeling effect but still decent for an exfoliating soap. This quarter bar lasted for 22 days.
Will I buy the full sized? Yes if I want to try its acnes drying function.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Cyleina Papaya Goat Milk (sample sized, approx. 10g)
Whitening and moisturising soap. I regret not buying this soap. Initially I tried to avoid this soap when I see ‘papaya’ word due to my dislike in papaya smell. But I was wrong! Luckily Ally gave me the sample. This soap smells too yummy, like melon milk (smells good enough to take a bite). And its lather is so thick. Definitely a relaxing shower whenever I used this.
Noticed brightening effect. Couldn’t determine its whitening effect. However, I won’t mind buying the whole bar just for its moisturising and delicious scent. Just to say, among the Cyleina soaps I have used, this is my first love for body soap (I like Black Pearl most, but it’s not that sudsy so more suited to facial wash).
The sample only lasted for 4 days. It was not as lasting because I didn’t cut it into half. I was trying to prove that sizes do matter. Because organic soaps melt easier, so the bigger the size of the piece is, it’s more the wastage.
Will I buy the full sized? I won’t say no to this bar. 

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Cyleina Kojic (sample sized, approx. 20g)
Whitening soap. I only used this on my body (focusing on arms, of course). There is a mild scent… which I think it smells like mushroom. Haha. I used this once a day, and on alternate days I’d use with Cyleina Rice Bran (use ‘after’ since I scrub with rice bran). I read that this soap doesn’t lather easily but uh, mine didn’t seem to have that problem. Quite the contrary, I find it easy to lather (perhaps it’s because I compare to Black Pearl) and great for body wash.

It stings a bit when it comes to scratches/insect bites. It’s drying. They said it gives a fast ‘whitening’ effect (not skin bleaching; merely returning your own skin colour). By ‘fast’, some meant a week. But I’m disappointed to say the sample couldn’t give me the result I wanted. I only noticed a mild brightening effect after use. The sample lasted for 12 days so the whole bar might last 2 and a half months.

Will I buy the full sized? Probably yes, to test its whitening property for real.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Cyleina Shea Butter (sample sized, approx. 10g)
Moisturising and UV protection soap. It smells like almond tea… Lol. It’s considered sudsy. Indeed it’s not that drying, compared to Kojic. I tried it on my face, neck and arms; only using it in the morning (I use whitening soaps in the evening). Like other Cyleina soaps, it made my skin smooth and soft after rinsing off. It also made the job of applying sunblock easy.

Other than that, it didn’t leave a deep impression. But worth a try anyhow. I think those who want to get rid of stretch marks could try this soap. The sample lasted for 14 days (if used on whole body or on face alone, the period is not the same).